About Us

About Us

Welcome to A2Z Buying Services LLC

A2Z Buying Services LLC as name suggests is a One Stop Solution for all the Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Sourcing requirements. We have been certified by UKAS as ISO 9001:2015 organisation. Our experienced Team along with ISO 9001:2015 systems and processes bring the highest customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves in building Long Term Business Relationship.

1. Our Philosophy of “CARE”

2. One Professional Relationship

Streamlined India, China and Bangladesh sourcing. Access to multiple factories, with only one A2Z Buying Services relationship which ensures that all purchase orders are coordinated professionally We can locate a custom manufacturer that will work with a variety of order quantities.

3. Experienced Staff

Leverage on our Experienced Staff with over more than 25 years experience in Sourcing, Quality Control and Quality Assurance. Our strength is our people who bring wealth of experience and loyalty to the table.

4. Increased Profitability

Our Well Experienced Team, Automated Processes along with our unflinching commitment to quality result in increased profitability for the Customer along with the repeat Business.

All above with right price along with right quality leads to increase profit Margins for the customers.

5. Automated System and Processes

We have built QTS(Quality Tracking Software System) and Six Sigma Business Processes Our customers also get a access to our software system to access real time reports of various inspections conducted during the course of order execution .

Quality Tracking System (QTS) is a completely integrated, flexible and powerful application of information management tools for preventing mistakes or defects in manufactured products and avoiding problems when delivering solutions or services to customers. QTS reputation for providing high quality, easy to use, affordable software has made us the customer and vendor of choice for today's progressive quality checking professionals in India. Our trusted & proven solutions can be used 24x7 by hundreds of agencies throughout India, integrating the creation of purchase order. A2Z buying services provide complete end-to-end solution along with Software and compatible hardware components. Complete information of po, along with customer and vendor information, could be traced instantly through QTS. It’s an easy to use multi-user, network ready system that automates all of the common record keeping functions of a progressive quality assurance agency.
Few of the benefits are:

Faster Input: A collection of tightly linked modules that are all integrated with master indexes reduce redundant input and speed data entry.

Powerful Searches: The online QTS search capability allows you to instantly search for, find po, customer, vendor and many more information.

Extensive Reporting: The system's extensive reporting capabilities allow you to produce PDF, Word file, printed detail and summary reports quickly and easily.

Application Security: Individual access control as per role wise module security help keep you valuable information protected and safe.

Customer dashboard: The carefully planned and unique design allows customer to see and download report as per customer wise.

Vendor dashboard: The carefully planned and unique design allows vendor to see and download report as per vendor wise.

Scalable Size: Available in two fully functional product editions, the product can be affordably implemented in industries both small and large using either a pure LAN (Professional Edition) or Client /Server (Enterprise Edition) architecture.

Our key feature

Factory Audit
Social Compliance Audit
Quality Control
Hard Goods
Soft Goods

Our Happy Clients

We love our clients, and we like to think they love us too. Here are some kind words from our favorite clients.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank A2Z Buying Services for the exceptional service I have received since we first began to work."

Nic Duijsens Director

"Thanks to A2Z Buying Services we had last one year claim free which has resulted in increased turn over. Kudos to the team."

Peter,Germany Manager

A2Z Buying Services as name suggests is a One Stop Solution for all the Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Sourcing requirements.